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Personalized Attention for All Your Needs

Perhaps you're down or anxious - maybe you're unsure about the future of a relationship, or just feel that you are not living the life you were meant to lead. Whatever your needs may be, we are here to offer support. Therapy is a process of growth and self-discovery, and in our sessions, we promote behavioural transformation by encouraging a positive outlook and the adoption of new attitudes and reactions. We have the tools and professional experience to help you get back on track.

Therapy Session

Individual Counselling


1:1 Counselling delivered via telehealth. Available to individual across Australia. 


Medicare Rebate Available 

$115 per hour

Group Therapy
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Group Counselling


Groupd of 7-10 individuals working together in therapy on topics such as Culture & Identity.  Anxiety Management,  Culture specific family conflict. Study Skills & more.

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$57 per hour 

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Umeed Psychology provides workshops around a range of topics including: 
-Impact of Biculturalism on Mental Health 
-Work Life Balance 
-Stress Management 
- VCE study skills & stress management 

 & More


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Emergency Support

Umeed Psychology does not provide emergency or crisis support. However, there are many organisations that are available in an emergency or crisis.

Triple Zero

Call 000 or visit


Call 13 11 14 or visit


Kids Helpline

Call 1800 551 800 or visit